About us

Pier one restaurant opened its doors in the early 1980's. It started as a quaint little restaurant perched on stilts overlooking Freeport Harbour.

In September 1989 the restaurant had to be relocated because the harbour needed to be dredged.

Management salvaged what it could, before the entire structure was demolished by fire. Pier One was rebuilt 6 months later a few hundred yards away from its previous location.

March 1990, the restaurant reopened, slightly bigger with a huge aquarium at the entrance. The aquarium contained a wide array of fish including baby sharks. It was at this location that we began shark feeding every night at 7, 8, & 9PM.

In the summer of 2004 Pier One Restaurant was completely destroyed by hurricane. It was rebuilt once again, now at its present location, the restaurant has been opened since 2009 where it continues to operate.